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Cancer Rehab Specialists:


Cancer rehab specialists aim to help people living with and beyond cancer to stay active by tailoring exercise programs to the individuals based entirely on their needs and abilities. 


We are proud to be able to offer this service at The Fitness Support Network.


Meet Yani our resident Cancer Rehab Specialist.

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My Story

“Hi, I’m Yani! I’m a Personal Trainer and Level 4 Cancer & Exercise Rehabilitation Specialist. From my days sprinting in the U18 GB track and field team, through spinal & hip injury and to today, exercise has been a huge part of my life.


I work with clients and cancer patients in the lead up to, during and post treatment / surgery - and also with those living with cancer. My work is based both online, in the hospital and face to face in my private studio or at the client’s house. 


The cancer community inspire me on a daily and have welcomed me with open arms and that’s why I started the Just Thrive events - to give everyone a safe, positive and inclusive space to learn, chat, move and feel a part of something incredible.


Exercising has so many benefits and comes in so many forms. Movement from cancer diagnosis and beyond can help you mentally, emotionally and physically. It can give you something to control and own. It builds, maintains and rebuilds strength, balance and mobility. It reduces treatment / meds side effects. It can reduce the chances of recurrence. It helps you retain a little normality within the chaos. It gives you focus and builds confidence. It makes you feel physically strong when you didn’t think you could. It manages weight gain. It makes daily tasks simpler, easier and less scary when you’re having a down day. All of my clients and patients surprise themselves in every session and it’s just something they now say, they couldn’t go without.  


Whether exercise is something you love, hate or something you are kind of interested in but don’t know where to start - movement of any kind is so important from diagnosis and beyond.“


The benefits of working with a specialist like Yani, is that she can tailor your workouts to your individual needs and you know that you’re in safe, understanding hands.  


You can book Yani for up to 12 months through The Fitness Support Network application process by simply putting her as your first choice option on the application form- we will do the rest!


If you would like to personally contact Yani you can either:



Go to her website:

Or find her on Instagram:

Or Facebook:

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